About me

Hello! I’m a Research Data Scientist at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI)’s Center for Data Science and AI.

At RTI I collaborate with subject matter experts in public health, environmental science, and other domains to design and conduct quantitative research. Methodologically, I primarily do data science and statistics work, specializing in causal inference, natural language processing, and the use of generative AI for task automation.

I also recently defended my PhD in Informatics & Complex Systems at Indiana University working primarily with the Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe). In my PhD work, I defined a method for linking online causes to offline outcomes with modern data science tools and causal inference methods, and demonstrated the method through case studies in public health and politics. I also demonstrated that individual social media interactions have lasting effects on individual users’ attention and sentiments toward entities (e.g. people, places, things), and these micro-scale effects constitute the mechanism for the societal scale effects measured in the case studies.